Friday, 21 October 2016

New Zealand Needs To Grab Every Carbon Credit It Can

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s recent report on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions highlights the need for agriculture to make meaningful progress in reducing its emissions.  In New Zealand this is particularly important because agriculture is responsible for 48% of our emissions. 

The Commissioner’s report follows disturbing analysis from the Ministry for the Environment, where a senior official this week advised that meeting New Zealand’s Paris Climate Agreement pledge could cost the country more than $70 billion, and see carbon prices rise to $300 a tonne if we are not part of international carbon markets.

New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme is greatly weakened because it is not linked to international carbon markets, and because it covers only half of our emissions.  Hopefully the current Government review of the ETS will address these issues, especially since the Paris Agreement comes into force on 4 November, and the next UN meeting on international climate change action is set down for Marrakech in two weeks’ time.
The Commissioner recommends planting trees to offset emissions.  This is an easy and relatively cheap strategy to pursue, with multiple benefits for agriculture - including riparian and erosion protection, water quality improvement, stumpage, and issue of NZU carbon credits for qualifying blocks.  Managed well, tree planting creates more income for farmers.

New Zealand needs to encourage farmers and other land owners to plant more trees, and grab every carbon credit we can.  We need to pursue a vigorous national planting programme and aim to become the world’s first Carbon Negative Country.  This way we will reduce the risk of being in serious carbon debt in future, and create an ETS that is an asset, not a liability for the nation.

GreenXperts Limited and Green Tick Certification Limited are working to maximise the benefits of carbon trading for New Zealanders, by launching this week a $10 million Certified Carbon Credit Fund.  We have already had local interest, and inquiries from Europe and India.  We look forward to being part of the next phase in positive climate change action – helping New Zealanders to grab every carbon credit they can. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Environment Court Appeal Won For New Taurikura General Store, Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

Proprietors of the Taurikura General Store, Neil Engebretsen and Yu Min Song, are pleased to announce that following a successful Environment Court appeal, resource consent has been granted for a store and cafe at their new site at 2302 Whangarei Heads Road, Taurikura, Whangarei Heads.  


The new Taurikura Store and Cafe will be both a General Grocery Store and a licensed Cafe, with much improved access, parking, and store facilities in the front of the new building, and a comfortable cafe and outdoor deck in the rear.  


The new store will be located about 80 metres west (towards Whangarei) of the T-intersection with Taurikura Street and Whangarei Heads Road.  

Ten carparks, including one disabled carpark, and disabled access and toilet will be available at the new store.  All the store facilities you are used to, such as the Post Shop, general goods, frozen goods, fishing gear, bread, milk, daily papers, and Internet access will be available at the new site.  Extensive landscaping, planting, and acoustic protection for neighbours will be installed at the new site.  


Postal services are available, and site planting  is underway.  Neil and Yu Min have really appreciated the community's support for this cool new beach store development in Taurikura.  

Thanks also to the project team, architect Claire Furlong from ARTO ArchitectsRichardson Stevens Limited engineers, Dean Scanlen, traffic engineer from Engineering Outcomes Ltd, Peter Ibbotson, acoustic engineer from Marshall Day Acoustics, and Susan Harris planner and environmental scientist from GreenXperts Limited for all their work on this successful resource consent project.

Taurikura General Store and Licensed Cafe

2302 Whangarei Heads Road, Taurikura, Whangarei Heads, New Zealand


Telephone: +64 9 434 0145  


Store hours: 7am-9pm.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

GreenXperts and Green Tick Launch $NZD10 million Certified Carbon Credit Fund

GreenXperts Limited, in association with sister company Green Tick Certification Limited, has launched a $NZD10 million Certified Carbon Credit Fund.

Expressions of Interest are  sought from New Zealand Unit (NZU) holders who have NZU that will qualify for certification as genuinely carbon negative NZU.

Engineering processes, projects or forest stands with a certifiable carbon negative profile are welcome to respond to the Expression of Interest. 

GreenXperts may assist NZU holders to achieve certification through sister company Green Tick Certification Limited.

The objective is to provide the New Zealand carbon market with the highest quality, lowest risk certified carbon credit portfolio. This benefits buyers, because they receive an impeccable credit, and benefits sellers, because they achieve a premium value for their credits.

​The partners aim is to see the top 10% of the New Zealand carbon market certified, and to offer these high quality, low risk credits to the domestic market, and in time to the international market, at premium rates.

Following the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement, international carbon markets will reform, and our aim is to position our clients to take full advantage of the global carbon market in this next phase of international action on climate change.

Download 'Expressions of Interest NZU 2016' Flyer on our web site here.