Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Live water quality reports available with Project Blue technology

A recent news article here reports that water quality is the New Zealand public's greatest environmental concern.  But the public lacks access to accurate, current, and easy-to-understand water quality information about their local stream, river, lake or beach.

A group of Kiwi scientists and computer engineers working with GreenXperts has solved this problem by inventing smart-phone based technology that provides accurate water quality reporting live, on-line, anywhere in New Zealand (indeed, anywhere in the world).  We call it Project Blue.

Project Blue's public Facebook module is running live on Facebook at Project Blue Global and Project Blue New Zealand.  Other pages have been set up for popular water spots throughout New Zealand - just search by region or beach name.  Anyone can post a water observation and have it analysed for free by our scientists. Project Blue North Pacific is providing support for Ivan Macfayden in his work to help fix the "broken ocean".

Project Blue's enterprise module ADAAR (Automated Data Analysis And Reporting) is available as a high tech "bolt-on" to existing water monitoring systems for a few dollars per person, or as a stand-alone for a few dollars more.  Customised packages for industry and other water users are also available - especially useful for legal cases.  ADAAR is not yet available to the New Zealand public - we hope it will be by next summer.

Look out for fakes and unauthorised copies - we know they're being worked on.

Just to let you know the technology exists, and you can use it on Facebook from any smartphone or personal computer anywhere.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Emission trading not dead - EU Parliament supports carbon prices

Last week the European Parliament approved measures to support carbon prices in the EU Emissions Trading System.  Click here for more detail.

Europe is still focused on dealing with climate change.  Carbon Neutral, or even better, Carbon Negative products will sell well in Europe.

Go to Green Tick Certification for information on Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative certification for products targeted at EU customers.